Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Roll

As you can see by one photo the Railrunner has two levels. The other photo is a view from the inside on the top level.


Anonymous said...

Gosh. This Railrunner is a neat name for a sweet-looking train. It is across state or local or what? I would love to take a train like this. What memories. The clickity-clack of the rails is better than any sleeping pill.

Kate said...

Thanks for both views. Looks like there was plenty of interest in the event. Surprised, tho, that the crowd wasn't larger.

Randy said...

Abe, the Railrunner won't be going across the state yet. It is currently running in the Albuquerque metro area right now but will soon link Santa Fe to Albq. I agree Kate, there were only about 3,000 people there. Some locals feel that this was all for the tourists and not the locals. Funny, I guess they don't plan on ever riding the train.