Monday, September 15, 2008

La Conquistadora

A Sacristana is given the honor to care for La Conquistador. She is charged with keeping her clean and to change her dresses. There is a special dress that is made every year just for this event. La Conquistadora is about 600 years old. Thanks to Maria from " for giving me more information. According to Maria La Conquistadora has a traveling twin that takes her place when she travels.


Kate said...

Randy, your last 3 posts about la conquistadora are very interesting. Do you know who has the honour of caring for her this year? Individuals? Groups? Pueblos? Incidentally I went to the Choosing Santa Fe blog that you listed on your profile. Thanks for a new and interesting find! Do you know SantaFeKate? Would be fun to meet her, I think!~

Maria said...

The sacristana who cares for her has been in charge of her for a few years. Generally this doesn't change from year to year. It's an honor. The Confradia (confraternity) of La Conquistadora is responsible for her safety when she travels. The actual statue is about 600 years old and she rarely leaves the Cathedral Basilica. She has a traveling twin who goes in her place to most events.

Check out my blog if this subject interests you. I have links, photos and history about her.