Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Mexico School for the Deaf.

The NM School for the Deaf is not too far from where I live. It's a pretty big campus and they are currently working on some of buildings so I decided to shoot the entrance. Here's a little history: While the New Mexico Legislature officially established the New Mexico School for the Deaf in 1887, it was deaf pioneer Lars Larson who first planted the school's historic roots. In 1885, using their own funds, Lars and his wife Belle began teaching deaf students in a small adobe house in Santa Fe. The deaf couple dreamed of establishing a permanent school where none had existed, a place where deaf and hard of hearing children could receive a quality education comparable to that of hearing children. This dream soon became a reality, and for 125 years, the New Mexico School for the Deaf has been making a difference in the lives of deaf children and their families. NMSD also has the distinction of being the only land grant school for the deaf in the country.


Kate said...

This story aptly demonstrates the difference one person can make. A truly notable couple!

socialsue said...

While the entrance to the school is interesting, the rest of the bldgs are far more attractive. Please take more pix and publish them as well. Especially the oldest odobe style ones. Perhaps you could research the graveyard next door too for history of NMSD.
Thankyou for a blast from the past.