Sunday, July 18, 2010

Together As One

I have so many of these photos left but it would take a long time to show them to you all so I decided to end with this one. The one thing I love most about attending these pow wows is that all of the dancers come from different tribes yet they all seem as one when they dance and when they meet up before and after the event. Just like these two, sharing a moment after a dance.

You must obtain special permission and pay a fee to use your camera on pueblo grounds so I must add this at the end of my photographs.

Reproduction and/or use of any photographs from this website is strictly prohibited.
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Joe's blog said...

Wonderful picture...I love your blog.
Could you tell me something about your equipment?
Which camera do you use and what's your favourite lens?

clairz said...

Don't worry about it taking a long time to show us all the photos from this event. I am enjoying this series immensely and hope that this isn't really the end!

Kate said...

I'll have to try to find a pow wow while I'm there. One more day!!

Sharon said...

You saved a really gorgeous shot for last. This must have been an inspiring event.

SKIZO said...



J Bar said...

This series of photos is fantastic. Your blog is wonderful.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

JD said...

Randy, this has been a wonderful series! You've shown respect and understanding of Native American cultures. Plus - the photos were fantastic!