Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dressed For The Dance.

Here is another great example of the bead work. Look at the work on this dancers headdress. I saw some many new outfits this year. Makes you wonder how long it takes to make something like this.

You must obtain special permission and pay a fee to use your camera on pueblo grounds so I must add this at the end of my photographs.

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Kate said...

It is so unfortunate that more people cannot see events such as this; perhaps then there might be more understanding and appreciation for our Native Americans. Their beadwork is beyond lovely!!

clairz said...

I've been lucky enough to have been listening to a vintage recording of a winter animal dance at the San Ildefonso Pueblo while you've been showing this series of photos.

Thank you again for posting these.

Sharon said...

Wow Randy, this is a gorgeous photo of some very impressive bead work and design.

bfarr said...

Such wonnderful costumes. They used to have an annual pow wow here. Not sure why they don't anymore. It was always interesting and entertaining.