Monday, November 26, 2007

Muddy Roads

After work the other day I drove around in the snow just to catch some shots. I love that we still have dirt roads here in Santa Fe. Not to sure how these residents felt having to drive in the mud.


Kate said...

When I enlarged the photo the true beauty of the adobe houses became very clear. Love how the owners decorate with turquoise.

Olivier said...

déjà la neige, j'en rêve, j'espère que cette année on aura de la neige à Évry (pas seulement une 1/2 journée d'une petite tempête)

Already snow, I dream, I hope that this year we will have snow in Evry (not just a 1/2 day with a small storm)

yournotalone said...

Already snowing, ehhh:)