Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love the way flowers look against the Coyote fencing. Flowers last so much longer here than they did when we lived in Phoenix. Right now the weather is perfect.


Sharon said...

Beautiful tulips! I spent the weekend with friends who have a cabin in Yarnell. Their tulips were all gone but they still had some of the most amazing iris I've ever seen.

Julie said...

this is a unique photo. i can't say I have ever seen tulips growing in the southwest. great shot. and yes you are correct flowers do not last long in Phoenix. I took a lot of photos of cactus flowers in April and may this year so I can post some through the year. I have some pretty pink cactus flowers up today.

Sharon said...

Randy, those "urban housese" you asked about on my site are at about Roosevelt and 7th Ave.