Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going My Way

Old trucks and cars can be found everywhere in New Mexico. The main reason for my trip to Taos was to see the Studio De Colores and the work of Ed Sandoval. This car and its driver sits in front of the gallery. Click on the photo for a better look. I love the paintings of Ed Sandoval. For a look at his paintings go to
His paintings are New Mexico, hope you enjoy.


Fio said...

Thank you for sharing! Very interesting painting.
I guess I'll join in Ed Sandoval's fun club! :)

Julie said...

this is a great vintage car you found. good eye. in answer to your question, yes, it has started to get hot this past 8 days. we have had such great weather and now the heat starts seeping in, which means live in air conditioning and swimming pools. I have my nightscape series going for the next few days. I have a saguaro at night painted with light on long exposure up today and will have moon photos up for the next three days.

Sharon said...

That guy has been sitting in that truck way too long!
There was a time when my dad would tell me all about that truck, what it was used for and who he knew that had one like it.
I checked out the link you added. Very nice work. I can see why you like it.

Frank said...

How wonderful. The truck and driver certainly look as tho they've spent way too much time in the desert.

Marc said...

I usually don't like conceptual art that much, but this car and driver is great!