Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fresh Bread

Saturday is Farmers Market day for us. The folks from Cloud Cliff are always there with their fresh breads. They are so delicious that I couldn't even pick a favorite.


Kate said...

I'm up early and after seeing your photo, I'm off to our very own Farmer's Market. We just made a decision to eat only farm raised animals (after reading the book, Eating Animals.) It's a big step for us, especially my husband who loves meat. Read the's one of the best among the genre. Hard to read, but good!

Sharon said...

I'm headed to the Farmer's Market myself for some Arizona Bread Company bread. I feel the same way about them. They have wonderful bread. Have a great weekend.

SFBakstad said...

We love Farmer's Markets too! Its like I can smell the bread! Yummy!

Jarart said... I'm hungry.