Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now Open

Santa Fe has a new Barkery and Boutique for our four legged friends the Pooch Pantry. This new barkery is located two doors down from the Georgia O'Keeffe museum.


Sharon said...

These doggie bakeries are so much fun. I love it when people gather there all bringing their dogs with them. The one that used to be at the Biltmore Shopping Center has closed and I miss seeing all the four-legged shoppers in the area.

Randy, I don't think Wally's Pub is new. I think it's been at 44th and Camelback for a long time. I just never shopped in the little center until I started working in the area. I'm amazed at all the interesting little restaurants and shops in that center. Who knew?

Frank said...

These shops have become more and more common and I imagine are profitable. Our dog is so picky he won't eat the special, organic FREE dog biscuits at a "pantry" near us. Crazy animal.